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Goddess of the Sea

As a kid living in an island in the open ocean waters, you have been fishing at the early age of 9 to provide your family with basic necessities . One day you have gone and fished alone because your father has not been feeling well so you took over for him. Whilst fishing, you caught something big with the net and while lifting up the heavy net thinking it would be a big fish and it will make a good price. You were surprised that you got off the boat when you saw that it was a mermaid! A real life mermaid in front of your eyes. At first you don’t want to be near it but the little mermaid has been pleading for help and was hurt that’s why she was caught in the net. After you cleared your head a few more times you helped her escape the net and immediately became friends. She was part of your life growing but one day, she asked you for help because explorers are at the brink of exploring her home.

Friday, 06 May 2016


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