Hidden Escape 14 – Pink Star House

A master puzzler put hidden things all over the pink house. And every person is invited to find all those things and win the competition. However, it would not be easy. This master puzzler is indeed an expert in hiding things. A person who can only find them is the one who has a very keen observation and an exceptional eye for something.

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Hidden Escape 13 – Amusement Park

It is always lovely to go to some amusement parks, especially if you have members of the family or friends with you to enjoy and excitement the amusement parks bring. All children are enjoying the park. One of the most enjoyable game is the finding of hidden objects. These objects were put in the amusement park just before everyone else will go and play. At the end of the day, whoever can find all hidden objects will be rewarded handsomely. All sorts of people are invited, including you. So, do your best in finding those things!

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