Unusual Hero

A black curse has been set upon the town in which an ordinary girl, named Cynthia, was born and lived up until this day. She was saddened by what is happening in her city with the drought that made half of the town suffering from hunger and shortage of food. It was years before you and your townsmen discovered that the drought was not because of the seasons changing but because of Maureen, The Witch Queen, wanting the town to be the place of her new evil kingdom. You set out on a mission to end the curse and deal with the Witch Queen to uplift the curse.

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Millers Yard Sale

The Millers Family started their 1st yard sale as a way to loosen up the space in the house and to sell unused items and stuff so that other people can have use for them. Neighboring houses liked the items the Millers has been selling and it has sold-out in just a few hours and that’s how the idea of a yearly yard sale was formulated. It has been 4 years since they started selling items and that is why also nearby towns are flocking the Village where the Millers live to just buy items they are selling every year. Have fun looking for items that catches yours eyes!

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Blackheart Village

Keisha is one of the residents of Blackheart Village. It was not called Blackheart in the past but due to a curse laid upon the village was starting to look and feel dull. It was one of the peaceful and jolly town that other villages are in envy of. That is why it was cursed due to envy of the people in other villages. Keisha has been exiled after exposing the curse which other villagers were not in favor of believing her. She set out on a journey in uplifting the curse and she needs all the help she can get.

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