Richmond Village

Every city in the world has a town with the most peaceful and most livable conditions to live in due to the security given by the government officials and the discipline of the townsmen. You have Been dreaming of a place like that since you started working on your own and want to retire and live the rest of your life as a simple man and not worrying a thing. Good things there is Richmond Village. You research about the details of the town, the records it had, criminal activity, and good thing for you it provides well for senior citizens and retirees!

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The Uninvited Guests

Moving to a new house after a big family problem has hit you and your family is one way to move on to the heart aches and the pain inflicted by the ones we once loved. You and your mom had been house hunting because when your father left you, you can can’t afford to pay the mortgage and bills at the same time. Your mother’s solution would be to sell the house together with the memories of your father and buy a cheaper house so you two can afford to pay the bills. Everything was fine until the day you moved in..

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Road Trip

Bonding with friends is the best output to all your worries. But food for thought, Keep your circle of friends small. The smaller the better your bond will be and most importantly, each one of you will have utmost loyalty to each other. You and your friends are always planning out of the town trips as a renewal of your bonding each month. They never cease to amaze you even in your time of despair. Now that you and your friends planned a road-trip to Greece. Your first stop would be an archaeological site that has been a new tourist spot.

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