Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls was called that way because it holds great beauty and the locals regarded it as a treasure from nature. It glimmers from the sun’s rays and crystal clear waters flowing through it. Treasure Falls is indeed a treasure of nature. But the real story why it was called Treasure Falls is because deep within its cascading waters and rocky surface, It really does have treasures that lie underneath all that beautiful land and water formation. A local treasure hunter has obtained an ancient writing that leads a secret entrance beneath the falls to a secret underwater tunnel system directly leading to plentiful treasures a man can keep. Lets journey through rushing waters and beautiful scenery all the way to the hidden treasures.

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Summer of Love

The most important thing to do in a relationship is to keep the fire burning and most importantly, by keeping the love alive and healthy. One recommendation would be is to rekindle your love for each other by revisiting the past. The place where you first met, where you first had your dinner date, and the place where you both fell in-love with each other. Megan and his husband set out on a vacation to a place and season most memorable for them. The place where they first fell in-love with each other 10 years ago. Now that’s what you call a great love.

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