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Land Of Riddles

Growing up in a big city being spoiled and all by your mother giving you everything with just a little tantrum here and there, you’re father doesn’t want that mentality in you growing up. He wants you to learn and appreciate life. His solution? Send you to your uncle’s place in the country side for a summer vacation and learn a lesson or two in appreciating life by hardships. So then you are then sent to your uncle, being all grumpy for the “punishment” they have given you. You went strolling into the forest to release all that anger but suddenly you saw a lady walking into the woods and inviting you. Immediately you followed the woman but you later woke up in a different place.  You saw the woman again and told you that she’ll give you tasks and will ask a riddle in the end to be transported into another world until you return back to your own world. Good Luck and I hope you’ll learn.

Thursday, 05 May 2016


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