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Andreas Letters

Pier, a hopeless romantic, was a young and smart gentleman with good stature and a well-paying job. Ladies love him, he was well-known in his town as the bachelor who almost all the single ladies would die for. He would go out with a different woman every night and he would be the envy to all the boys. Until one cold night while waiting for the cab service, He saw the most beautiful girl, Andrea, across the street and immediately introduced himself.¬†Andrea already knows how Pier operates, immediately rejects him but left Pier her home address to prove to her that he will change in exchange for her love. Pier immediately agreed, after months of writing, Pier suddenly didn’t receive her letters even though he still writes to her. That’s the time Pier decided to move to where Andrea lives and find her.


Let’s help Pier find the woman he loves, the woman who made him change his ways to find true love.

Monday, 02 May 2016


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